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Improve Your Video-Watching Experience

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An AMD Radeon™ GPU can make watching video on your computer the fun experience it's meant to be.

Every day there are more choices for watching video on your computer: online with Hulu or YouTube or on disks like DVDs or Blu-ray. Watching video on your laptop wherever you want is fun until your battery runs out five minutes before the end of your movie. Or until the video starts jerking or becoming pixelated.

Never fear, AMD Radeon™ GPUs can substantially improve your video viewing experience. Modern GPUs reduce noise, aliasing (“the jaggies”) and other distracting artifacts during video playback. Plus, GPUs consume much less power than CPUs when playing video, so your laptop battery will last longer. That greatly increases your chances of getting through the entire extended edition of Lord of the Rings before losing power.

GPUs also enhance online video. Programs that compress and stream online video, like Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and H.264, will all take advantage of a GPU. AMD Radeon™ HD 6800 series GPUs offer advanced decoding capabilities for most modern high definition compression methods, which means that with a reliable broadband connection, online high definition playback looks great and plays back smoothly.

Modern GPUs offer enhanced video quality features. DVDs, for example, use interlaced video, a throwback to the era of CRT televisions, which broke video frames into two parts, slightly offset. Hardware de-interlacing — taking the alternate frames and combining them into one frame — makes DVD video look correct on your LCD monitor. GPUs also reduce the noise — similar to the grain in old photos, but more annoying because it’s in motion — inherent in some older video.

In the end, GPUs make watching video smooth and distraction-free, just as it should be. Colors look natural and laptop battery life is extended. High quality, rich video playback is just one more reason to choose an AMD Radeon™ GPU.